The Future of Work: The Global Office
31 July 2019

Many companies are operating on an international scale, opening offices in new countries to reach wider audiences. But in today’s highly connected world, the …

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How Effective is Activity Based Work?
29 May 2019

Activity Based Work (ABW) became more popular in recent years with the changing landscape of office environments. As mentioned in the previous article, …

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The Changing Face of Work
22 May 2019

How has the face of work been evolving over the years? A few decades ago, many workplaces are impersonal, cubicle-filled scenes, with employees holed …

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5 Reasons Why Print and Document Security Is Crucial
17 April 2019

Canada has a great idea for thwarting attempts at cyber espionage. At a keynote address for a cybersecurity event, Scott Jones, the head of …

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How is Digital Transformation Changing Customer Care?
3 April 2019

From supply chains to marketing campaigns, digital transformation permeates all aspects of the organisation, transforming the way we work and engage customers. By improving …

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The Building Blocks to Workflow Management
6 February 2019

As with his famous quote, “Automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency”, Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, believes that automation alone …

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What Causes Chronic Busyness At Work?
30 January 2019

A deluge of emails and meetings, coupled with an ever-growing to-do list at work, are keeping working professionals constantly busy. Mobile technology, which lets …

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[WHITEPAPER] Busyness doesn’t always translate to productivity
17 January 2019

Chronic busyness affects companies of all sizes—with as much as 86 percent of executives have said that their companies will be hitting their breaking …

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GRI sustainability reporting in Fuji Xerox
5 October 2017

GRI Impact Stories are short interviews with representatives from companies that are using the GRI reporting framework to create tangible benefits for their business
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Trends in Workplace and Flexibility
21 December 2016

The adoption of flexible work spaces is the cultural core of some of today’s most influential and thriving companies. Technological advances have made it
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Transform your customer experience from dated to digital
14 December 2016

With ever-demanding customers who may stop supporting a brand after just one bad experience, delivering a personalised, consistent and seamless customer experience across multiple …

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Integrating good old paper into digital workflows
1 December 2016

Much has been said about the demise of paper in the digital workplace, one that relies solely on digital documents and processes to get …

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What makes insights accurate?
28 November 2016

We are living in the world of ever-increasing data and a key challenge for businesses today is to extract good value from it. In …

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Leveraging The Power of Partnerships to Promote Scale
15 November 2016

In today’s increasingly complex business environment, it makes far more sense for companies to serve rapidly-evolving customer needs by aligning with other firms that …

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Digital Transformation and Its Impact on Customer Care
4 November 2016

Digital transformation is about adapting with the times and using technology to transform the way we work, and more importantly the way we engage …

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Guarding against phishing attacks and social engineering
27 October 2016

Asia is one of the most internet-connected regions in the world with 1.6 billion users. The opportunity organisations has to find customers digitally is …

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Shining a light on Shadow IT
20 October 2016

There’s a reason so many people in business find personal devices like tablets and consumer-based cloud tools useful: they’re simple to deploy, easy to …

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Workforce Mobility in the Tablet and Smartphone Age
7 October 2016

Concepts of the work space have expanded ever since technology has freed the office worker from the chains of a desk. With the advent …

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Racing to Erase E-Waste!
14 September 2016

In 2013, the world produced 50 million tonnes of electronic waste or e-waste. This figure, projected to increase every year, makes e-waste the single …

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Managing Crisis in the New World
17 August 2016

It is imperative for companies to have a robust crisis management and communication strategy to manage a disaster or any type of disruptive event.…

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