Why Environmental Sustainability is a Key to Asian Business Success
12 July 2016

In today’s increasingly competitive business landscape, being seen and recognised as a sustainable business is more than simple charitable and save-the-earth activities. It makes …

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The Digital Transformation of Managed Print Services
14 June 2016

Take a look around you. Your desk. Your colleagues’. The corner over by the photocopier. The notes pinned to your cubical wall or on …

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Making your Mark in Creative Services
19 May 2016


After months of emails that are never replied to, cold calls that are never returned and job applications that have seemingly fallen down …

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The Digital Change – The Increased importance of Assessing Impact First
21 April 2016

The Digital Change is upon us. It is no longer just hype and organizations have no choice but to face it now. However, like …

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The Evolving Role of a Project Manager
4 April 2016

Many people still think Project Managers’ primary function is to chase others to get things done. As such, they see little difference between a …

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