Digital Transformation and Its Impact on Customer Care
4th November 2016

Digital transformation is about adapting with the times and using technology to transform the way we work, and more importantly the way we engage …

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Guarding against phishing attacks and social engineering
27th October 2016

Asia is one of the most internet-connected regions in the world with 1.6 billion users. The opportunity organisations has to find customers digitally is …

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Shining a light on Shadow IT
20th October 2016

There’s a reason so many people in business find personal devices like tablets and consumer-based cloud tools useful: they’re simple to deploy, easy to …

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Workforce Mobility in the Tablet and Smartphone Age
7th October 2016

Concepts of the work space have expanded ever since technology has freed the office worker from the chains of a desk. With the advent …

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Racing to Erase E-Waste!
14th September 2016

In 2013, the world produced 50 million tonnes of electronic waste or e-waste. This figure, projected to increase every year, makes e-waste the single …

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Managing Crisis in the New World
17th August 2016

It is imperative for companies to have a robust crisis management and communication strategy to manage a disaster or any type of disruptive event.…

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Why Environmental Sustainability is a Key to Asian Business Success
12th July 2016

In today’s increasingly competitive business landscape, being seen and recognised as a sustainable business is more than simple charitable and save-the-earth activities. It makes …

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The Digital Transformation of Managed Print Services
14th June 2016

Take a look around you. Your desk. Your colleagues’. The corner over by the photocopier. The notes pinned to your cubical wall or on …

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Making your Mark in Creative Services
19th May 2016


After months of emails that are never replied to, cold calls that are never returned and job applications that have seemingly fallen down …

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The Digital Change – The Increased importance of Assessing Impact First
21st April 2016

The Digital Change is upon us. It is no longer just hype and organizations have no choice but to face it now. However, like …

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The Evolving Role of a Project Manager
4th April 2016

Many people still think Project Managers’ primary function is to chase others to get things done. As such, they see little difference between a …

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