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    Getting Ahead With Digital Transformation

    Hone your competitive edge by moving towards the digital era

“20% of CEOs will fail to act on digital transformation and put their firms at risk.” – Forrester

To thrive in today’s information age, companies have to ride the waves of change and disruption, which are taking place at a breakneck speed. Embark on a digital transformation journey, and integrate digital technology across all aspects of your business. Transform the way you work—so you can drive operational agility and improve customer engagement.

Manual and repetitive processes are costly and time-consuming

60% of Employee time is spent on working with documents

15% of revenue is spent on managing and distributing documentation

Benefits of Digital Transformation:

  • Mobility

    Access needed files anywhere, anytime, since digital documents are not confined to any location or device.

  • Collaborative

    Search through the data in digital documents without looking through entire documents to find what you need. You can also share access and edit, control versions and manage entire document lifecycles.

  • Sustainable

    85% of business documents are in paper, while a document is printed about five times on average. Save cost and reduce storage space by digitising physical documents.

  • Efficient

    Manage files and reduce time spent on processing documents efficiently with digital archiving, so you don’t have to search through drawers and files to handle customer requests.

  • Secure

    Digitisation defends your documents against security breaches by encrypting their information within, with documents securely archived and access given to only authorised parties. Data can also be protected from accidents and natural disasters

Embark on the digital transformation path

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