• Finance and Administration Services

    Streamline financial processes through digitising back-office functions

Manual and paper-intensive financial processes result in frequent errors and delayed payments; invoices that reach the Accounts Payable team are often overdue. With Finance and Administration Services, you can focus on strategic activities instead. We manage the capture, indexing and storage of financial documents—including purchase orders, bills of lading and weigh bills—so accounting transactions can be quickly processed.

The Finance and Administration Process:

1. Incoming documents are scanned and digitised, while using workflow technology to manage and automate accounts payable processes
2. Exact matches are automatically forwarded on for payment, with any anomalies are routed to the relevant department for further checks and approvals by managers
3. Comprehensive financial reports are generated and sent to your business and partners, providing comprehensive visibility of all transactions

Benefits of Finance and Administration Services:

Reduce payables transaction costs and operating costs
Enhance cash position with efficient and accurate processing
Increase productivity with employees devoting more time to core processes
Improve regulatory compliance

Streamline your digital business processes

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