It’s no secret that Digital transformation has had a vast impact on how customers acquire information and interact with organisations. And to understand this you only have to look at your own behavior.

Virtually every considered decision you make about buying a new product or service begins with you looking up information and reviews on your smartphone. Whether it is buying a car or renting an apartment, the first step is usually to check relevant websites for pricing and information about car brands or rental rates in preferred locations.

But, while digital interaction is a vital consideration when it comes to customer relationships, it is not the only consideration.

For example, which do you think would garner a better response from a potential customer in the market for a luxury residence: An Electronic Direct Mail or a highly personalised and lavishly produced piece of physical direct mail?

And did you know that many studies have conclusively demonstrated that reading printed text requires less effort and is more likely to be understood than digital text?

When it comes to communication, you need to take into account the message you are trying to get across, your intended target audience, and the way you want them to respond.

By tracking and understanding how your customers interact with your organisation – physically and digitally – you’ll be in the best position to work out how you can improve their experience of your brand… and your sales results.

In the final article in this series we will discuss the most vital component of Digital Transformation – the Human Connection.


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