In this final article on demystifying Digital Transformation we come to what is easily the most critical element: the people factor.

According to a McKinsey survey, while 84% of CEOs are actively involved in transformational change, only 45% of frontline employees are likewise engaged.

And what about the assumption that the all-important ‘millennial workforce’ take naturally to a digital work environment that is undergoing constant change? Not so fast. A study conducted by Barclays Bank revealed that as much as 32% of this talent pool are not only unprepared, they are deeply fearful of being shown up because they lack digital skills.

So, even though you could be working with the world’s most renowned consultancies, and using state-of-the-art technology and critically acclaimed processes, if you’re not getting emotional investment and buy-in from the people in your organisation, all your Digital Transformation efforts will be wasted.

This issue can be tackled by first developing a carefully considered change management programme that addresses the concerns and needs of your organisation’s employee base. Needs and knowledge gaps can then be easily identified and remedied with relevant training and skills upgrading.

The next step is to identify which digital and non-digital processes are not core to your business and outsource them to a suitably qualified vendor. With the greater cost and work efficiencies achieved via outsourcing, more resources can be focused on training, developing and redeploying employees to more business critical areas of the organisation.

Digital Transformation is no simple matter. The key is to treat it just like any other journey – plan your route carefully and then take it step-by-step. Get the right processes, technology, and above all, people in place, and you’ll get there sooner than you think.

3 Key Considerations for Digital Transformation

  1. Start with Digitisation

Before you can even think about Digital Transformation, look at what parts of your business process can be effectively digitised.

  1. Look at the Paper Trail

Understanding your organisation’s use of paper is key to realising the significant benefits of Digitisation.

  1. The Personal Touch is paramount

Gaining a proper understanding and buy-in from your employees and customers is vital to the success of your Digital Transformation journey.


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