Transform manual, paper-based processing to secure, electronic information

Simplify your business processes with fast, accurate and secure access to information. Imaging and Document Management Services let you capture documents quickly, cost-effectively, and securely, so you can get immediate access to relevant information, accelerate decision-making and improve customer response time.

Imaging and Document Management Services include:

Prepare documents for optimal imaging and scanning by identifying the document’s structure
Improve data accessibility—from keyword searches to full text database creation—for accurate, complete and timely access to information
Document imaging:
Digitise documents while conducting quality checks
Reassembly & Release:
Deliver the electronic data through media or FTP servers
Convert images for optimum viewing, storage and production requirements

Benefits of Imaging and Document Management Services:

Get rapid and secure access to accurate data
Expand workflow capabilities with digital content management
Reduce costs by transforming error-prone, paper-based processing to electronic data without expensive equipment
Deliver measurable results through performance-oriented Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
Meet regulatory compliance with enhanced accountability and information retrieval
Ensure information security with scalable and flexible options

Streamline your digital business processes

Shave days off your business cycle and optimise your processes, all while driving significant cost-savings. Find out more about other offerings from Business Process Services: