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Transform your customer experience from dated to digital
By Smart Work Innovation (SWI)  /  14 December 2016
Integrating good old paper into digital workflows
By Smart Work Innovation (SWI)  /  1 December 2016
The Future of Work: The Global Office
31 July 2019

Companies want seamless work environments that can cut across borders and operate in real time. This means having the tools to ensure security, convenience, and connectivity wherever they are.

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How Effective is Activity Based Work?
29 May 2019

Is Activity Based work effective for modern offices? Most businesses interviewed seem to think so.

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The Changing Face of Work
22 May 2019

The face of work is changing thanks to fast-evolving technological trends. Instead, a trend called Activity Based Work is gaining traction.

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5 Reasons Why Print and Document Security Is Crucial
17 April 2019

While devoting resources to cybersecurity measures, efforts have been limited to endpoints like computers and servers—with printers often left out of the picture.

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How is Digital Transformation Changing Customer Care?
3 April 2019

At the core of digital transformation is the easy retrieval of critical information, which help employees and business leaders alike make better, informed decisions.

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The Human Connection
21 March 2019

The people factor in a digital transformation journey is often overlooked.

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