“Fuji Xerox has been an immensely supportive partner in Plunket’s emerging maturity in the collection and use of data. Despite our declining levels of scanning they are maintaining a highly professional approach and continue to proactively focus on driving our costs down.”

– Lois van Waardenberg. Chief Operating Officer


Plunket is the largest provider of free support services for the development, health and wellbeing of children under five in New Zealand. They engage with the families of approximately 90% of the country’s new-borns each year.
Plunket give Kiwi parents invaluable information and support as well as providing developmental assessments on pre-schoolers.
Before Fuji Xerox’s involvement, the information collected on enrolment forms was entered into the Plunket system manually, and it could take up to 30 days for a child to be officially registered. Likewise, information from the ongoing records of contact would take a similar time to be applied to a child’s contact record.
  • Challenges

    Plunket nurses or health care workers fill out over 80,000 enrolment or records of contact by hand.

    This averages out to 16,500 pages of data, with 500 characters or markings per page, to be processed, month in and month out.

    The enrolment form alone is a comprehensive 37-field, 5-page paper document which collects a wide range of information about the child, ranging from the family environment through to vaccination and other medical details.

  • Solutions

    Using a combination of optical character recognition (OCR) and optical mark recognition (OMR) the data on the forms is automatically extracted and uploaded into the Plunket customer relationship management (CRM) system, where it’s stored for each child’s first five years.

  • Outcome

    Even though Plunket’s new ePHR system is set to supplant the Fuji Xerox solution, the value that Fuji Xerox adds to Plunket’s operations overall has meant their annual contract for scanning has been renewed too provide Plunket with on-going supplementary digitisation services.

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