“We chose Fuji Xerox Global Services as our preferred outsourcing partner because the team is very experienced and demonstrated the ability to customise and deliver market-leading tools that aligned with our objectives.”
Matthew Keegan,
General Manager of Procurement, Tabcorp

As Australia’s premier gaming, wagering, hospitality and entertainment group, Tabcorp manages over a dozen leading brands, including Sydney’s Star City Casino, Jupiter’s Queensland Casinos, TAB, Tabaret, Keno, Sportsbet and Sky Channel / Sky Radio. After launching a major business initiative to streamline its group operations and centralise HR and Finance shared services, Tabcorp chose to outsource part of its accounts payable function to Fuji Xerox Australia’s Global Services division in 2008.
  • Challenges

    Tabcorp had seven accounts payable departments operating across multiple locations, resulting in inconsistencies in policies and procedures.

    In addition, the accounts payable team had to manually process the 250,000 supplier invoices the company receives annually by email, fax and post

    This was not only time-consuming but also resulted in duplication of effort, manual errors, and at times, misplaced invoices.

    Tabcorp sought to introduce greater efficiencies across its account payable function while reducing the cost and complexity of the operation, and ensuring on-time supplier payments.

  • Solutions

    The first step was to implement best-of-breed software solutions to digitise supplier invoices and automate the workflow process as much as possible. Once key data and images within supplier invoices are captured electronically, the information is automatically cross referenced against the company’s Oracle’s ERP finance system. Invoice information such as purchase order numbers are automatically matched against the Oracle database for verification.

    An exact match is automatically forwarded on for payment. If there are any exceptions, they are automatically routed to the relevant department for manual checking and approval by authorised managers. The in-house accounts payable team now focuses
    on monitoring the online system to ensure invoices are paid on time. As Tabcorp operates in a highly government regulated industry, it was crucial that data security and compliance were maintained. Fuji Xerox Global Services established a purpose-built invoice processing centre at Tabcorp’s headquarters in Melbourne, with a dedicated team handling the high volume of supplier invoices.

  • Outcome

    Automation of workflow equals greater efficiencies

    Onsite insight

    Greater transparency and control

    Reaching for whole-of-business benefits

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