• print and document security

    Protect Your Most Sensitive Data

    Ensure both print and document security across your infrastructure

Print and document security aspects are often overlooked by businesses, which instead focus most of their security efforts on endpoints such as desktops, laptops and mobile devices. However, measures need to be taken to protect the data within your printers and digital documents as well. Here’s why:

Print and Document Security

Visual Hacking
91% of visual hacking attempts were successful, while 11% occurred at a printer output bin.

Data leakage
Nearly 80% of information security incidents are caused by malicious and unintentional disclosure of sensitive information from within the organisation, with half of them involving paper documents.

Regulatory Compliance
Maintaining regulatory compliance is a challenge, with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applying to all organisations located inside or outside of the EU.

Our services and solutions are delivered with print and document security, such as:

  • Authentication

    Install user authentication on network printers, so that only authorised staff can release print job with their access card or an access code.

  • Access

    Define the most suitable print policies for your company, from the type of documents that can be printed to who can print them.

Secure your data with print and document security

Protect your private data with Fuji Xerox Secure Print. Find out more how it’s implemented in our services and solutions: