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    Our Sustainable Print Solutions

    Reducing our environmental impact by recycling used, discarded products

Cracking The Code for 99.5% Recyclability

Manufacturing electronics uses a lot of valuable materials—resources that can be recycled from end-of-life products. However, these often ends up in the landfill or recycled in the unregulated informal sector. This puts the environment at significant risk for pollution.

Giving Back to Society and Protecting Our Planet

Genko-Itchi—the unity of words and deeds—embodies our corporate philosophy. Guided by this principle, we are not only committed to serving our customers, but also contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. That’s why we aim to reduce environmental loads of products based on the idea that used products are valuable resources, not waste.

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    Inverse Manufacturing

    Longer lasting
    Design for reuse over three generations of product

    Less Toxic
    Ethical procurement of non-hazardous chemicals

    More Recyclable
    Designs for easy disassembly of parts

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    Closed Loop System

    Close the loop
    Production line that reuse parts in product assembly and ensure quality of such products

    Internalise recycling
    Own recycling facilities for maximum integration of circular design and manufacturing

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    Zero Emission

    Parts reuse
    Disassemble, cleans and reuse old parts in production

    Material recycling
    Non-reusable parts are recycled as raw materials

    Non-recyclable materials undergo thermal recycle (<5%)

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