Workflow Automation

Work Process Service

Streamline your workflows while freeing up resources from repetitive tasks

Eliminate the inefficiencies of paper-based workflows by simplifying, automating and optimising key processes in your company. Work Process Service help businesses that rely on paper-based processes manage their data and documents with a single repository, leading to lower costs and reduced errors.


Capture documents and data into one system


Manage documents, processes and data


Provide easy access to everyone who needs it, wherever they are


Integrate with other applications


Monitor process and system performance


Securely store, protect and destroy content

With Work Process Service, you can:

Automate and streamline your print processes
Integrate your hardware and software systems seamlessly
Simplify your workflow with an intuitive drag and drop interface

Benefits of Work Process Service:

Improve productivity by freeing resources from repetitive tasks

Enhance quality and precision with minimal errors

Enhance regulatory compliance and improve audit reporting

Collaborate effectively by accessing and approving documents anywhere, anytime

Reduce cost by eliminating costly manual prepress steps

Optimise documents across your enterprise

Free your business from unwieldy, inefficient and costly operations. Learn more about optimising your print infrastructure through Next Generation Managed Print Services, or managing digital document processes with Business Process Services: