Concepts of the work space have expanded ever since technology has freed the office worker from the chains of a desk. With the advent of telecommuting, organisations have had to look for solutions to enable this heightened sense of mobility for its people. This is especially true for a millennial workforce who greatly values the flexibility of working from home, or in the field, or in the office. With mobile devices, employees are easily able to take their work with them anywhere, and this incredible flexibility has dramatically altered the landscape of business and work.

It is estimated that there will be 61 billion smartphones worldwide by 2020, and 1.43 billion tablets worldwide by 2018. This is in contrast to the early 2000s, before the introduction of the iPad, when tablets were incredibly rare, if not unheard of in the workplace. Our research also reveals that:

  • Employees in 74% of organizations are using their own devices for work
  • 75% of mobile/tablet users do print or want to print from their own devices
  • 32% of users collaborate, search, retrieve, capture and edit documents on mobile

Not all companies can provide employees with smartphones and tablets for office use, so employees make use of their personal devices for work. With majority of the workforce using their own smartphones and tablets to do work on the go, this creates issues because company documents are now in employee’s personal devices.

With BYOD, comes many more challenges. Employees’ want to print on the go, not tied down to a single printer and access documents on the move, anytime, anywhere. Just accessing documents is not enough. Users now want to work on those document with definitive action oriented result. Agility becomes the word to pursue and mobility is an option that must be available to all.

Fuji Xerox’s Next Generation Managed Print Service was created in response to how businesses operate, and how people live and work today. We help organisations increase business efficiency, and to build an agile workplace. When your organisation is agile, productivity is heightened.

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